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Grand Opening of Ivy Wild School

Don’t miss this historic event full of good times, good drinks and good food as we celebrate the Grand Opening of Ivywild School. Originally an elementary school built in 1916, Ivywild is now a flourishing communal atmosphere linking commerce and community with gathering spaces, local cuisine, education, art and gardens.
Friday August 16
Ivy Wild Opening Flyer

Mission: Into the Cañon!

North Cheyenne Cañon Summer Camp 2013
North Cheyenne Cañon Park is hosting Summer Camp on June 17 – 21 for kids, 7-11, who are really interested in Nature! Hike the trails, forge a stream, explore the intricate ecosystem of an indigenous pine tree and take your chances in the Amazing Cañon Race! Campers become Junior Rangers at the end of the week with a certificate

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20th Annual Hummingbird Festival, May 11, 2013! Come Join Us!

Summer may seem weeks away, but it is not too soon to invite migrating hummingbirds to settle in your back yard.
By mid-April, the tiny birds are returning to Colorado Springs from their wintering grounds in Mexico.  To attract the birds to your yard or deck, put feeders out in mid-April.  Tie red ribbons to flutter in the breeze and attract the birds to your

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