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Columbine Trail

About 4 miles from the Starsmore Discovery Center to the Upper Columbine trailhead.

Lower Columbine trailhead 6250 feet, Mid Columbine trailhead 6500 feet, Upper Columbine trailhead 7300 feet

General Description:
This trail makes its way up the Cañon from behind the Starsmore Discovery Center to the Upper Columbine trailhead near Helen Hunt Falls.  The Mid Columbine trailhead is about 1 mile up the road from the main park gate by the Starsmore Discovery Center.  The Upper Columbine trailhead is about 350 feet east of Helen Hunt Falls.  Hikers, cyclists and equestrians can use this trail.

NEW: Downloadable and/or printable visual guides to the Upper/Mid Columbine trails! Click on the links below.

Mid-ColumbineUphillGuide UpperMidColumbineDownhill


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