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Linda Weber

November 1, 2015 marked Linda’s first year in Colorado Springs and the chance to experience the beauty of our area each day. Living on Pine Grove Avenue has allowed Linda to claim North Cheyenne Cañon Park as her backyard.

According to Linda, her time as a Park Ambassador at Helen Hunt Falls during the 2015 season was a wonderful experience. “I was able to observe the visitors’ joy as they discovered the beauty of the falls and surrounding area.” Learning more about the Park and surrounding areas by gleaning information from the employees and their experiences makes her want to expand her knowledge and share it with others in the community. “I have been able to hike most of the trails in the Park, and I currently hike with two different groups in and about the area,” she continued. As a member of the Friends of Cheyenne Cañon Linda has volunteered on Trail Cleanup and Trail Maintenance.

Prior to moving to the Springs, she had lived in Lancaster, PA for ten years. During that time Linda worked part-time in an administrative position under a Federal grant, which allowed her to enjoy walking and biking in the area. She was an active member of the local hiking and biking clubs, the YMCA and the local women’s golf association.

Her professional background includes teaching in public schools and at community colleges. She also has a strong background in customer service and sales training.

In addition to her volunteer work through the Friends of Cheyenne Cañon, Linda travels extensively and has done volunteer work in Beijing, Australia, and most recently in South Africa.