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Captain Jacks

Length: About 2.55 miles from the trailhead to the top of High Drive, about .9 miles from the top of High Drive to a saddle behind Mt.Buckhorn.

Elevation: Trailhead 7200 feet, top of High Drive 7900 feet, saddle behind Mt. Buckhorn 8200 feet

General Description: The trailhead is directly east of Tunnel #1 at the multi-use trail sign.  The Captain Jacks Trail system is a multi-use system that allows hikers, bicyclists, equestrians, and motorcycles.  For those who are up for a real challenge, the Captain Jacks Trail joins with the Jones Park Trail at the saddle behind Mt. Buckhorn, and the trail continues for another 2.4 miles to Jones Park.

(1.2 miles in park; 2.25 miles in Pike National Forest)

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