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Mt. Muscoco

Length: A little over 2 miles from the trailhead to the Mt. Muscoco summit.

Elevation: Mt. Cutler trailhead 6785’, Mt. Muscoco summit 8020’.

General Description: Follow Mt. Cutler Trail until Mt. Muscoco Trail sign points to the right. The trail gets steeper as you go along. After reaching a lookout area, the trail continues to the west. It now merges into the old trail and the footing becomes a bit rougher. At about the 2 mile point, there is a sign for “Mt. Muscoco Summit” with an arrow to the left. Now the hard part begins! Watch for cairns (small piles of rocks to mark the trail) and try to follow a poorly defined footpath. Stay towards the left side of the rock summit (looking up) as you ascend. This is a scramble! At the top, there is an easy trail (about 1/10 mile) to the right which ends at an overlook. The summit has a 360 degree view. Hikers only.

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