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Mike Oroszi, Treasurer

Mike has lived in Colorado Springs for nearly 20 years.  He hails from from the great Buckeye State, but his love of snowboarding and green chili drew him to the mountains.  Over the years, Mike has enjoyed exploring the Canon and taking in the beauty of this amazing park.  An avid mountain biker, he loves sweating up Buckhorn and cruising down the Chutes.  When he’s not on the trails or eating Mexican food, he works as a Senior Manager of operations at T. Rowe Price.  Mike is married and has 2 little naturalists.  They are nick-named the “Outdoorsy Oroszi’s” because they love spending time in nature and dipping their toes in Cheyenne Creek after long hikes.  Mike feels that Cheyenne Canon is a local gem and hopes to help preserve it for future generations.