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The Chutes

Length: About 1.1 miles from the top of Gold Camp Rd. to the Chamberlain Ridgeway Spur between the reservoirs.

Elevation: Trailhead 6950 feet, Chamberlain Ridgeway Spur between reservoirs 6500 feet

General Description: Suggested for bicycles only.  This trail can be accessed from Stratton Open Space at the Ridgeway trailhead or at the La Veta trailhead. You can also reach the Chutes trail off of Gold Camp Road.  Go past the Section16 trailhead parking area and most of the houses.  Look for the large rock with the pine tree growing out of it on the left.

Beginning at the parking area on Gold Camp Rd., the Chutes is a popular trail for cyclists because of its winding curves and fairly fast descent. Once at the reservoirs, there are several developed trails through the Stratton Open Space that can be accessed easily. Suggested bicycle use only; hikers refer to Gold Camp Path (Stratton Open Space Trails).

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