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Guided Hikes

Located in the heart of North Cheyenne Cañon’s beautiful and majestic forest, there are many biking, hiking, & equestrian trails to enjoy for all ages. When the Visitor Centers are open we have a Park Ambassador program to provide guided hikes. If interested in being a volunteer in this program please go to our Volunteer Page.

General Trail Information

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» Cheyenne Cañon Trail Descriptions

Important information to remember when hiking/biking/running in black bear & mountain lion country:

  • Black bear and mountain lion are more active at dawn and dusk.  Also, black bear can be active at all times of the day/night,searching for food prior to hibernation.
  • A mountain lion’s predatorial instinct can be activated by things that are going fast or are small and making high-pitched sounds (esp. during the times they’re most active).
  • Keep small children close to you and don’t let them run ahead or lag behind on the trail.
  • Use extra caution where hearing or visibility is limited: in brushy areas, near streams, where trails round a bend, or on windy days.
  • Reduce your chances of surprising a bear or mountain lion by talking, singing or wearing bells during the times they’re more active.
  • Always have your dog on a leash.
  • Unless there’s a bear-proof trash can around, take any garbage with you.
  • Mountain lions cover their prey with dirt, leaves, etc.and return to feed until it spoils.  If you encounter leftover prey while hiking, calmly leave the area immediately.  You could be seen as a threat if the mountain lion should return.  (Note: It’s uncommon for mountain lion to leave prey by a trail, but it has happened.)
  • Avoid berry patches in the fall.

Pick up a FREE Bear or Mountain Lion Brochure at Starsmore Discovery Center or Helen Hunt Falls Visitors Center.