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Park Master Planning

The North Cheyenne Cañon Park Master Plan was last updated in 1999, and the Friends of Cheyenne Cañon has been actively involved in the master planning process which began in July of 2017. The Board of Directors has reviewed the recommended plan released for the April 12th Parks Advisory Board meeting, and proposes changes be made before it goes to the Parks Advisory Board for approval on May 10th. These recommendations are from the Board of Director’s own review, as well as listening to comments from those who responded to the request for input from the Friends of Cheyenne Cañon’s e-mail list.

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» Next Steps: May 10th: Parks Advisory Board Meeting

  • At this meeting, there will be a brief overview of changes made since the last meeting. It will also include time for public comment.
  • During this meeting there will be a vote to approve the Master Plan.
  • The Strawberry Hill Master Plan will be voted on at this meeting as well.

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Donate Your Gear for Friends of Cheyenne Cañon

Announcing another great partnership with Mountain Equipment Recyclers (MER)! When you donate your gently-used gear to MER on behalf of the Friends of Cheyenne Cañon, 50% of the proceeds will go to the Friends of Cheyenne Cañon.

They consign and sell high-quality new and used outdoor equipment and apparel. Friends of Cheyenne Cañon have joined other organizations in the mission of MER to support nonprofits in the region. Since 2013 MER has contributed over $100,000 back to the community. This is another win-win with a community business partner. If you attended the December member/volunteer dinner you received a $5 coupon for purchases at MER. Now is the time to check out the store and bring those unwanted, outgrown, outdated items in to donate and buy new with your coupon!

How to donate your gear:
1. Go to MER at 1024 S. Tejon Street
2. Donate your gear and be sure to specify Friends of Cheyenne Cañon as the beneficiary! You can make your donation at any time during MER's regular business hours.

Become a member of the Friends of Cheyenne Cañon

Learn more about our park, our people and our new adventures ahead through our website links! We hope you will be able to help us in our efforts by becoming a member of the Friends of Cheyenne Cañon, volunteering with us, or making a much appreciated donation.